Can a foreigner own an Bali villas for sale?

In Bali villas for sale, under certain conditions, foreign investors can buy property. The law of the Republic of Indonesia regulates under what conditions and in what cases foreign persons can purchase real estate in the country, both for the purposes of ownership and for business activities. To buy property in Bali, foreigners also need to take into account some of the features of Indonesian legislation. The most important condition for foreign investors who buy property in Bali is that for this, an agreement must be concluded between the owner of the land and the foreign investor, reflecting the conditions for acquiring the property. Thus, in order for a foreigner to own property in Bali, he must comply with the requirements of all applicable laws in Indonesia. For example, foreign investors must understand that only one foreigner can be the owner of the land, who can buy the property in his own name. Investors should also understand that real estate cannot be sold to foreign investors or leased to foreigners. So, a foreigner can own a property in Bali if he follows the applicable law of Indonesia and enters into a contract with the owner of the land. In this case, the investor will be able to purchase real estate on his own behalf, which will help him avoid trouble from the Indonesian law.


Yes, foreign nationals can own property in Indonesia, including property in Bali.
Yes, you can, but only on condition that the owner of the foreigner is located in Indonesia and enters into an agreement with the investor, which must be approved by the laws and laws of the country for the most complex land transactions.
Yes, foreigners have the right to own property in Bali, provided that the strictest laws and regulations of the land of Indonesia are followed. But foreign persons cannot own the land directly and must enter into an agreement with an investor-owner and have a real estate deal with such an owner.

Can a foreigner own an apartment in Bali?

Owning real estate outside of one's own country is one of the most common investment projects, and buying an apartment on any of Indonesia's tourist islands, including Bali, can be done by a person of Indonesian nationality. Can a foreigner own an apartment in Bali?

There are certain rules and laws in Indonesian law that prevent the purchase of land and real estate by foreigners. In this regard, the purchase of property in Bali for foreigners depends on many factors such as government policies and market conditions. One of them is the mandatory existence of an agreement between the owner of the land and the investor.

Thus, when buying property in Bali, foreign investors need to conclude an agreement with the land owner, including a travel company or other person who has the right to sell property in Bali. The right to acquire land in Bali by foreigners can only be given through a lease or mortgage transaction and such foreigner will have the right to use the property for the purpose of the transaction. A foreigner may not sell or transfer such right to another person or use it to sell or transfer land in Bali.

Thus, a foreigner can own real estate in Bali, but not by ownership, but in accordance with the law of Indonesia and only after concluding an agreement with the land owner and under conditions that provide for the foreigner's right to use the property, but not sell or transfer it to other persons.

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